Our Instructional Focus:

If teachers provide engaging rigorous opportunities for tiered groups then students will have the chance to justify their thinking through a range of strategies and discussion techniques. (Engaging Students in Learning (3c) and Questioning and Discussion Techniques (3b))


Through collaborative discussion, differentiated instruction, and engagement, the STEAM Bridge School will develop 21st Century Leaders who will be College and Career ready.


In our vision we are committed to preparing an educational atmosphere for ALL students through rigorous and engaging curriculum that embeds collaborative discussion, differentiated instruction, and engagement.

  • Rigorous and engaging curriculum – By providing a set of intentionally aligned components, we create learning outcomes that offer engaging experiences and instructional strategies into an organized sequential unit of study. This serves as a road map to high quality teaching and learning.
  • Collaborative discussion – Having significant communication skills is critical and valuable in the workplace and in our lives. Having discourse will allow our students to collaborate on existing and new ideas which will provide opportunities for input and feedback. As a result, our students will assume shared responsibilities and contribute to accomplishing common goals in meaningful and respectful ways.
  • Differentiated instruction – Each student has a unique learning style and interest. We provide students with varying avenues and opportunities for learning. Through continuous data driven instruction, we address various learning needs and develop personalized instruction so that ALL students can learn effectively.
  • Engagement- Students show their thinking and learning in a creative and expressive manner. The teacher plays the role of a facilitator as students take ownership of their learning. Students use accountable talk, academic vocabulary, and challenge one another’s thinking. Through daily problem solving, synthesizing of information and exploration, students will experience learning that will create 21st century leaders.